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          Stay alert with these couriers and get updates with your package


          We've made every effort to get your orders processed and shipped faster. Shipping delays due to weather, natural disasters, or other uncontrollable events cannot be foreseen and may increase the delivery timeframe. Shipping services and rates are subject to change without prior notice.

          Order On or Before Receive Before
          ALL ORDERS 13th December 25th December

          All orders placed after 13th December, 11:59 PM PST may require an additional business day for processing. All shipping estimates are based on business days, excluding weekends.

          For additional information regarding shipping options and rates, see our Shipping and Returns Policy.

          Customer Satisfaction is one of our key focuses. For orders made during December, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a refund within 60 days of your purchase. For products purchased from an authorized dealer, their return policy applies — please contact them directly for more information.


          To be eligible for a return, the following criteria must be met:

          All returns must be purchased from our main webpage. SOUL does not offer returns on items purchased outside of SOUL.

          All returns must be processed through our customer service team within 60 days of original purchase. Once approved, an RMA label will be provided.

          Any shipping costs from the original order are non-refundable

          All merchandise must be undamaged and returned in its original packaging.

          Once your return has been received, please allow up to 15 business days to process your refund. Refunds will be returned to the original form of payment. SOUL does not accept returns on items purchased outside of Soulnation.com.

          Any approved warranty exchanges must be requested separately through our Warranty Form and will be provided with a prepaid shipping label for the return of your eligible SOUL product


          We recommend the following guidelines when shipping your return:

          Pack your item securely to ensure there is no damage to the returned product during transit.

          You may use the original product packaging or your own. Please make sure any reference to old tracking numbers is completely removed.

          Securely attach your return label to the package.

          Ship your return based on the shipping label provided.

          If you choose to use your own shipper, please include original order information or the return RMA number inside the box. We recommend selecting a service that allows for package tracking and keeping the tracking number for your records. Any additional return shipping costs are non-refundable.

          HOLIDAY FAQ

          Order On or Before Receive Before
          ALL ORDERS 13th December 25th December

          All orders that are made on or before the 13th of December are estimated to receive their SOUL product before the 25th of December. While we do our best to ensure that delivery is on time, this is an estimate, and delays in transit can occur.

          We process and ship your order as quickly as possible. Once your order is placed, we are unable to edit your order. Please note, there is a short window of time (up to 1 hour) after order placement when your order can be canceled. Simply navigate to order history inside your account or visit the order status link here. We are unable to cancel orders after this window has passed.


          At this time, we are unable to offer backorders or pre-orders for items that are out of stock. Sign up for in-stock alerts to be the first to know when a product is back in stock.


          No, we encourage all customers to order early and not wait! These limited time holiday deals are only available while supplies last and often sell out.


          Yes, you can! Just fill in their shipping information and we will handle the rest.


          If you are encountering this problem, please contact our customer support team at support@soulnation.com for assistance. We will be investigating the issue.


          Purchasing Online

          Do we ship internationally?

          Yes, we ship our products globally.

          What sort of payment do you accept?

          We currently accept American Express, Apple Pay, Diners Club, Discover, Elo, FaceBook Pay, Google Pay, JCB, Klarna, Mastercard, Shop Pay, Venmo, Visa, and AfterPay.

          How do I track my order?

          Once your order has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking. You can track the progress of your package by clicking on the link provided.

          Can I modify or cancel my order?

          Orders placed are usually fulfilled within 12-24 hours. If your shipment has been shipped out, it cannot be modified or canceled.

          Why has my order been refused?

          There are a variety of reasons that can lead to this problem. It could be a mismatch of your billing and shipping addresses, or you have entered your card information wrongly.

          If there still is an issue with your order, feel free to contact our customer support team at support@soulnation.com.

          Crypto Purchase

          What cryptocurrencies are currently accepted?

          Currently, we accept BitCoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as our accepted forms of cryptocurrencies.

          How do I choose to pay with cryptocurrencies?

          At the checkout page, you can click on Coinbase Commerce and pay with your BTC or ETH.

          Are there any restrictions to using crypto currencies?

          No! All our products can be bought with the accepted crypto currencies.

          What happens if I pay with a different currency than the one I select during checkout?

          If you send a currency to an address associated with another currency during checkout (i.e. BSV sent to a BCH address, or SAI sent to a DAI address), our system will not detect the payment and the merchant will not be able to access those funds from the Commerce Dashboard.

          How do I go about getting a refund? Can Coinbase Commerce help me with this?

          If you would like a refund, please contact us directly.

          All transactions made with cryptocurrency are direct peer-to-peer payments from the customer to SOUL. This means that once a payment is sent, there is no way for Coinbase to reverse the transaction or reclaim funds on your behalf. As a result, Coinbase is unable to resolve any payment disputes as the transactions are secured by the blockchain and are irreversible.

          In order to get a refund, please email us at support@soulnation.com with your order number and your wallet address.

          How can I track my order or get a receipt?
          To help with tracking payments and status updates, Coinbase generates an 8 character alphanumeric order code for each charge. There are two locations where this code can be found:
          • In the commerce.coinbase.com URL you visit while making a payment
          • On the receipt after a payment has been successfully processed
          To view your receipt, please visit commerce.coinbase.com/receipts/:CODE, where :CODE is replaced with your 8 character order code.
          Why does my receipt say that I overpaid or underpaid an order? What should I do?

          Coinbase Commerce tracks payment amounts in the cryptocurrency units. An overpayment or underpayment indicates that Coinbase has detected an amount greater or lesser than what they expected – the most common reason for this occurring is your wallet using a significantly different exchange rate than Coinbase Commerce.

          Please reach out directly to SOUL to resolve this issue – we may ask you to top up the missing amount in the case of an underpayment, refund you the excess amount in the case of an overpayment, or refund you completely and ask you to complete the checkout again. We recommend that you include your receipt code to help the SOUL track down your charge.

          Why does my receipt say that I have made a delayed payment? What should I do?

          Coinbase Commerce monitors the blockchain for 60 minutes for payments to the blockchain addresses that we show to you. If we detect a payment outside of this window, it is marked as delayed.

          Please reach out directly to SOUL to resolve this issue – we will be able to manually resolve this from their dashboard and take any necessary steps to ensure that your order is fulfilled. We recommend that you include your receipt code to help us track down your charge.

          Will you be accepting any AltCoins in the near future?

          Currently, we have no plans to use AltCoins as an alternative form of payment. We are only accepting BitCoin and Ethereum.

          Will you be using any other forms of third party cryptocurrency payments?

          As of right now, we are accepting cryptocurrencies that are accepted by Coinbase Commerce.

          Shipping and Delivery

          How long will it take for my product to arrive?

          Orders are fulfilled within 12-24 hours of purchase. You can expect to receive your order in 2-7 working days. Orders outside of the United States will have to wait 3-7 days and additional time may be added due to your local customs laws.

          It has been a few days after I purchased and I still have not received my SOUL product. What should I do?

          Once you have received your tracking number from us by email, we ask that you first contact your local delivery service to correct any delivery issues as they will have more accurate information about the status of your order.

          If the issue has not yet been resolved within 4 days of contact, do let us know by contacting support@soulnation.com. We will be glad to follow up and investigate for you.

          Can I have my product delivered to a different address from my purchasing address?

          Yes, that is okay. If the delivery address is not a P.O. Box address, then you are fine.

          It has been a few months after Ì purchased it and I still have not received my SOUL product. What should I do?

          Do let us know within 10 – 21 days of purchase if you still have not received your product. We will be glad to follow up and investigate for you.

          I still have not received my package / My package is broken when I received it. What can I do?

          If you are encountering this problem, please contact our customer support team at support@soulnation.com for assistance. We will be investigating the issue.

          I was not home when FedEx tried to deliver my package? What can I do?

          FedEx will deliver to your address again on a consecutive day. After 3 failed attempts, they will store your item temporarily at the nearest FedEx Warehouse available for pickup.

          Can you deliver to P.O. Boxes?

          Unfortunately, our courier is unable to deliver to P.O. Boxes, Army Post Office (APO), and Fleet Post Office (FPO) addresses.

          Where is my order being shipped from?

          We have two warehouses that we ship from. For domestic orders, we will be shipping from our US warehouse. For international orders, we will be shipping from our Hong Kong warehouse.

          (INTERNATIONAL ORDERS) I would like to amend my shipping address/delivery instructions/date of delivery. What should I do?

          With FedEx®️ Delivery Manager, you can change all of that by signing up on their site for free. You will be able to request to customize your delivery preferences, manage delivery times and locations, and keep track of your FedEx®️ deliveries. Some of these options are subjected to a small fee that you will bear responsibility for. To find out more, please visit here for more information

          Import Tax & Duties

          Depending on the country we are shipping to, the import tax, duties, and related customs fees for your import may not have been included in the shipping cost. These fees, if applicable, depends on the Customs office of the destination country. Bear in mind that you are responsible for these payments. Please contact your local customs for additional details.

          Returns and Warranty

          I lost an earphone. Will you help me replace it?

          As stated in our warranty policy, we cannot replace lost items. You can read our warranty policy here.

          What do I need to fulfill my warranty?

          Please send us a picture of your product and proof of purchase (Receipt, Order Number, etc.)

          Can I request a replacement for my SOUL product? What should I do?

          When returning a product, please remember that you will be bearing all shipment charges. You can read our warranty policy here. Contact our SOUL support team for more information at support@soulnation.com

          When I ship a SOUL product to your offices, who will bear the shipping costs?

          Our support team will guide you on the procedure. You can contact us at support@soulnation.com.

          Please note that shipping an item back to our office will require you to bear the costs of shipping to us.

          I would like to make a refund. What should I do?
          First off, we would like to thank you for your consideration in buying our products in the first place. We understand that you may need a refund due to personal reasons and we are here to help you. Here are some things that you will need to know:

          • If your product has not been shipped, we can offer a full refund.
          • If your product is in transit, please return the item back to us the same way you received it, and we will refund it once we have received the item in our warehouse.
          Still not sure? You can visit our warranty policy here for more information or contact our support team at support@soulnation.com.

          Product issues

          Where can I buy your products?

          You can directly buy our products online. We also have official distributors that help supply our products for you locally. You can find out more details by here.

          The product I want is out of stock. How do I order it?

          We apologize for any inconvenience if the product is not available. Please check back as we usually replenish the product within 1-2 weeks of going out of stock.

          Help! My SOUL product is not functioning properly. Who can I contact?

          You can contact our support team at support@soulnation.com for more details.

          I would like to get a replacement for my headphones cups / earphones tips. Who should I contact?

          If we have stock in our warehouse, we can help you. Please contact our customer support team at support@soulnation.com for more information.

          Domestic & International Shipping Charges

          $39.99 and Below $40.00 and Above
          Domestic Charges FREE FREE
          Hong Kong $15.00 $15.00

          International Countries

          International Postal Mail Shipping (7-14 days to arrive)
          International Countries include Israel, Indonesia (Jakarta), India (36 of 37 states), Denmark, Iceland, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Czech Republic, Belgium, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Canada, New Zealand, Indonesia (33 of 34 provinces, excluding Jakarta), Azerbaijan, Qatar, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Armenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Georgia, Turkey, Aland Islands, Andorra, Bouvet Island, Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Svalbard And Jan Mayen, Moldova, Republic of, Monaco, Slovakia, Slovenia, Isle Of Man, Guernsey, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Poland, Jersey, Ukraine, Guadeloupe, Reunion, Belarus, Luxembourg, Gibraltar, Lithuania, Romania, Montenegro, Cyprus, Albania, Malta, Mayotte

          Asian Countries (including Australia)

          Standard Shipping (3-10 working days to arrive)
          Asian Countries include Taiwan, Macao, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia

          South America

          Express Shipping (3-7 working days to arrive)
          South America countries include South Africa, Serbia, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica, Honduras, Bahamas, Panama, Jamaica, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina

          All values stated are in $USD

          Still not sure about the charges? You can contact us at support@soulnation.com for inquiries.