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          Superior True
          Fones de ouvido sem fio

          P R O

          Dual Microphones |
          150 Hrs Playtime

          Assista ao vídeo

          Superior True Wireless Earphones


          with Dual Microphones

          de som magistral

          SOUL’s signature sound quality is designed with 5.0 Bluetooth tecnologia, aptX e Codec AAC. The SYNC Pro perfectly embodies our commitment and belief of making true wireless earphones that offer power, clarity and comfort.

          Conversas nítidas

          The SYNC Pro is capable of capturing your voice clearly with the help of the Microfones duplos design e Qualcomm® cVc™ noise cancellation technology to cancel out ambient noise. Take calls and leave voice messages with absolute clarity in busy streets, bustling restaurants or anywhere else your active lifestyle takes you.

          Controlos táteis

          Enjoy ease of use with touch controls to take calls, change tracks, activate voice commands with Siri® and Google Assistant™ and more. With a pair of SYNC Pro Bluetooth earbuds, there is no need to constantly be taking your phone out of your bag or pocket.

          SYNC-PRO Case

          Vai mais longe do que qualquer outro

          Each pair of SYNC Pro Bluetooth earphones comes with a portable external charging case supported by USB Type-C charging. Recharge the SYNC Pro up to an industry leading 22 times from one case charge and revel in up to 150 horas em movimento playback time. You can even give your other gadgets a boost when they are out of batteries.

          Resistente à água e ao suor

          Adhering to IPX5 protection standard, SYNC Pro is designed for the added proteção contra exposição ao suor e chuva. Worrying about ruining your earphones in the rain is something of the past. Wear your pair of SYNC Pro true wireless earphones anywhere and at any time.

          SYNC PRO | BLACK

          $ 129.99 USD

          Projetado para uma excelente qualidade de áudio, de modo a que possas ficar ligado com o mundo, onde quer que vás. Um companheiro de viagem perfeito com conetividade Bluetooth 5.0 e 150 horas de tempo de reprodução que tornam as possibilidades ilimitadas.

          SYNC-PRO in Black